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parenting app Happy Kids TimerWe reached a 2-year anniversary with our unique parenting¬†app. A bit of sentiment is allowed today! ūüôā Casting our minds back (and running Google’s search historical results), guess this was one of the very first reviews we received when launched the app yet back in Autumn 2014.
Julie Peterson, the review author, did a nice¬†job in describing the app pretty accurately. (Thank you, Julie!) Since that time, we’ve been tweaking and developing the app further – all to improve the child user experience. Listened to your comments, fixed bugs, tested various designs and refined features.

Happy Kids Timer Morning

The initial version called Morning Activities was a kind of beta (for iPads and iPhones only). Though, it already had its own originally created design and custom made music! Later in 2015, a year after the first launch, we replaced it by the new app version which is now available for both iOS and Android mobile device platforms. You can find it on App Store and Google Play under its new brand name Рnow known as the Happy Kids Timer!
Still, the app’s core idea remains the same: helping small kids to master their morning routine in a playful mode. Adding a bit of fun factor to the daily chores sparks¬†joy in¬†family life even when time is causing pressure.
Please, tell us about your own experience with the app. Have you used the initial app version or tried only the new one available today?
Dev Evo
We are an open community of parents, making sure our children use smart devices not just to play games. Therefore we developed a must-have app for every parent (as featured on media) - to stay sane when kids test your nerve :-) and turn children's morning routines into a funny game.

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