Questions you ask really frequently

I have bought your app and I am loving it so far. Was wondering if there are any plans to extend it with an afternoon routines as well?

Yes, we've heard your requests and added bedtime routines. Now, we're collecting ideas for an afternoon routine. Feel free to contact us and let us know what are your needs for the afternoon. For more information, please find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

How to add multiple kids?

Current version of the Happy Kids Timer Morning is designed just for one kid. You can still run the app on different devices, i. e. each device for each kid. We suggest you to motivate your kids to do activities at the same time, help one to another, or even compete.

How can I add more activities? You forgot the potty one.

The free app version comes with a pre-set of eight common morning activities and seven bedtime activities. The paid app version allows you to add four additional custom activities and name them as you wish. For example, Feed your pet or Kiss your mother goodbye. The price for the game upgrade to a premium version (in-app purchase) is displayed in your local currency when you press Buy button in the app. Afterwards, you’ll find new activities at the end of list of activities in Settings > Morning/Evening Activities.

Is the app suitable for children with ADHD or autism?

According to positive Testimonials we receive regularly, Happy Kids Timer helps kids with ADHD, autism or attention disorder to stay motivated and focused. Their parents consider the app as a lifesaver.

Where does the music comes from? Can I switch it off?

In the app settings the background music can be switched off easily. Our children love it, though. We tested it and neither children nor parents were harmed! 🙂 All sounds and music within the app is originally produced by a Slovak sound guru. Check his page on

Why I have to pay to change girl to boy?

You don’t have to pay to change girl to boy. If you are prompted to do so, it means you’re using obsolete version of the Happy Kids Timer Morning. Please update to the latest version of the application and you’ll be allowed to change this option via Settings > Child's Settings > Selected Theme.

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