Questions you ask really frequently

How can I add more activities? You forgot the potty one.

The free app version comes with a pre-set of eight common activities which you can freely reorder. The paid app version allows you to add two more custom activities and name it as you wish. For example Feed your pet or Kiss your mother goodbye. The game upgrade (in-app purchase) costs 0.99 potty bucks.

Where does the music comes from? Can I switch it off?

In the app settings the background music can be switched off easily. Our children love it, though. We tested it and neither children nor parents were harmed! 🙂 All sounds and music within the app is originally produced by a Slovak sound guru. Check his page on

I have bought your app and I am loving it so far. Was wondering if there are any plans to extend it to night time routines as well?

Yep, we've been already thinking about the evening routines too. First, we'd love to make the app a success with the morning chores.

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