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We are an open community of parents, making sure our children use smart devices not just to play games. Therefore we developed a must-have app for every parent (as featured on media) - to stay sane when kids test your nerve :-) and turn children's morning routines into a funny game.
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Happy Mornings: How To Make Things Easy As A Single Dad

Busy mornings can be difficult for any parent, but when you’re single and doing everything yourself, they can be downright overwhelming. Making sure your child is clean and prepared for the school day isn’t the problem; it’s everything that goes along with it, such as finding shoes, getting all the necessary supplies into their backpack,...

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Getting all sentimental over our smart app for kids

We reached a 2-year anniversary with our unique parenting app. A bit of sentiment is allowed today! 🙂 Casting our minds back (and running Google’s search historical results), guess this was one of the very first reviews we received when launched the app yet back in Autumn 2014.   Julie Peterson, the review author, did a...

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Thanks to you application reached a new record today!

One of our morning routines as application developers is to log into our app management account and check the current numbers. A.k.a. statistics of how the app is doing out there, in the wide parenting world. We reached a new milestone in downloads. Today we woke up to a totally new project milestone of our app...